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Privacy Policy
PIRA Sweden attaches great importance to your trust and to our bands. We want to give you the greatest possible satisfactory user experience of our HitKing (app).

Our software (app) only collects information on the display device. That is, the user's device. The information in this Privacy Policy is designed to clarify and help you understand that we do not collect any information from users. The information is in the app in the form of ex. own recorded sounds, or values when using the external Hit Counter device are collected only on the screen device in which the app is used.

If you use our app, you have agreed that the information collected on the web in the form of statistics is intended only to improve and provide functionality for user-friendliness to the app.

Personal Information
We do not collect any personal information.

This "privacy" privacy policy means personally identifiable information, including email and other information. On occasions where you voluntarily provide personal information such as comments or questions to us, we do not share it with anyone, but the personal information purpose will then be able to provide feedback.

Device Information
We do not collect device information when you use and download the app. However, it is inevitable that the computer system requires some information about your non-personally identifiable information as IP address. Our software does not store this information.

How do we use your information?
We do not collect or share any personal information or device information
Information disclosure that takes place in accordance with statutory requirements for law enforcement in response to legal proceedings and protecting the user, our interests and other third parties' security, property or legal rights required by law, we must, if applicable, discrete IP addresses.

Minor's privacy
We care a lot about children's safety when using the Internet. If you are under 18 years old, before using our service (app), you will receive a written consent from a parent or guardian.

Information security
We are not collect any personal information or device information, if you have any questions regarding our information security, please call us.

Statement modified
This Privacy Policy may change from time to time update (without prior notice to you).

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